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A 1.9 GHz DECT 6.0 multiple channel handset capable cordless phone, VTech CS6719-2.

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Keypad button not working?

Why are the keypad number buttons not working whenever I press down on them?

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What do i neef to do to silent key buttos as dialing


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Well there many issues causing this. I would refer to the troubleshooting guide and to the different repair and replacements guides that have been created.

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Somewhat only because there could be helpful solutions Not being able to use the keyboard has made it impossible to communicate with business and Doctors offices, etc


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My keyboard buttons are making too much noisr. Ibwant to silent buttons as 8 dial

Update (09/18/2017)

How do i silent key pad to dial

Update (09/18/2017)

Key pad making noise as i dial. Want silent while dialing

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How do i silent button.when dialing


Help mr to program silent when pushing button on key pad


Waiting for answer how to silent key pad button as dialing


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