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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Monitor shows up in system prefs but no video

I noticed a bit of a burnt electrical smell this morning when I first un-slept my MBP then no video from the Thunderbolt display. The Thunderbolt display *does* show up in Preferences > Displays, just no picture/video.

I've tried:

1. Pugging it into several different AC power sources, swapping the power cable out. Still no picture.

2. A different macbook pro as a video source. Still no picture.

3. Plugging a MBP into it with a separate thunderbolt cable. Still no picture.

So I'm wondering:

Does the fact that the TB display shows up in Displays on the MBP suggest/confirm that the PSU is OK? Does the fact that it shows up in Displays on the MBP suggest/confirm that the logic board is OK?

I'd like to be able to order parts before disassembling it.

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I confirmed the display supplies power via magsafe.

I was also able to use a bright led flashlight and see that the LCD panel is displaying information.

I think it's the backlight that's not coming on. So we're back at wondering if it's the logic board or the PSU.


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Go to System Preferences > Displays, hold down the Option key on the keyboard and click on Detect Displays in the lower right corner of Sys Prefs.

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