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2, 2.26, 2.53, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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How do you eject discs?

How are you supposed to eject the discs out?

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Usually on a Mac, you can drag one to the trash or click on it once to activate it and hit the eject key in the upper right hand corner of the keyboard.

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Unfortunately it is not wired in through a monitor, it is connected to a TV and it does have a keyboard. I can not figure out how to eject and insert a new disc!!!!


Turn the power off. While the power is off, plug in a mouse, and hold the mouse button down. Keep holding it down, press the power button to turn the Mac on; after you hold the mouse button for about 15 more seconds, it should eject the disc.


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hold the left mouse button when the mac boot

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