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Released April 2015, also known by model name A10-70F ( 'F' representing that this is a wifi only model)

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Camera quality is blurry

The rear-facing camera always produces pictures that are blurry even after I clean the camera lens.

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If the camera is still taking low quality pictures after you have cleaned the camera lens, you should think about replacing your tablet camera. The link to the repair guide for the Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 will be available soon.

Link to Troubleshooting: Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70 Troubleshooting

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Hello, I've had this problem before as well. How I fixed it was easy. First, you want to make sure that the object is in focus if not focused make sure to hold the screen till the camera focuses. That should help solve the outcome of blurry pictures.

Link to Troubleshooting Page: Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70 Troubleshooting

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Undernieth the caseing the foil was still intact to the camera, took it of, done.


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