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Manufactured by Ninja, this Kitchen System Pulse blender is American made formerly known as Euro-Pro Operating LLC. This advanced Ninja was available to customers in 2012.

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Why won't my blender work?

I have plugged my device in and filled the blender bowl with fresh fruit. I placed the cup on the base and twisted it in place, however nothing is happening and I don't see any buttons. HELP?!?

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Hey Alpal,

It sounds like you have not pushed down on the handle on the top of the device. Let's go through all the steps just to be certain though.

  • Start by inserting the blade into the bowl.
  • Next, throw all the fresh fruit you like into the bowl.
  • Follow by attaching the top and pushing down on the handle. (Handle will not lock down as this is your pulsing instrument)
  • Next, insert the bowl into the base, not worrying about locking.
  • Now, twist the bowl until you feel it lock.
  • When you're ready to PULSE, push down on the handle and watch her rip.

Remember, the Ninja will do the work, but you have control over how long the pulse lasts.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Troubleshooting

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