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Released in 2014 by Photive; Model Number: PH-BTW-10.

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Why is my speaker not charging?

I keep my speaker plugged into the charger all night. However, It does not power on the next morning when I use it. Why is the speaker not holding a charge?

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You may need to first use the original charging wire. When you are charging, make sure the wire is tightly connected to the speaker's charging port. Also, you may want to make sure the electricity outlet works.

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If someone is not using the original cable, it is very likely that he has lost it. Getting a replacement is the real problem that needs to be addressed.


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Actually if you take the front of the speaker off there are big holes you can use a thin screw driver. Find the box within you will find a charging port, a power supply charging port inside the speaker. Use a thin thin flathead screwdriver and bend the black piece within the inside of the charging port USB HOUSING . PRY Bend it down a bit. Then PRY bend the OUTSIDE bottom of the USB charger port casing UPWARDD with the flathead SCREWDRIVER so that it makes a tighter connection to the charging cable tip. You can use needle nose pliers on the charging port to clamp it tightly to the computer chip that it is fastened to. Plug the charging port in while you have it apart. If the light blinks it means you have to reattach the long white power Sata cable which I haven't mentioned yet. The Sata connector cable clamp that holds it in can snap so don't pry it open there are two push pins on the sides which release a Sata cable. Google it. sata cable disconnect. Basically tighten USB fitting

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