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The GameCube is Nintendo's fourth console gaming system. Repair is simple and requires only common tools.

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Mario Sunshine for the gamecube glitches at the same point every time.

Hi everyone.

I bought the Super Mario Sunshine game for the Nintendo Gamcube, I get it on, it starts off well, but after the game is just about to begin the game stops and says "Game disc could not be read"

It's at the same point every time I've tried to play, it's after the courtroom scene, mario is sentenced to clean the town, he stands in isle delfino and is being warned by 2 'police officers' the game fades to black and then comes up with the 'disc cannot be read' screen each and every time I try to play.

I read a tip on the internet to clean it with toothpaste -I've tried that but the exact same thing still happens.

The disc have a little blemish on it, it's like a tiny scuff mark. Any advice at all on how to fix it would be amazing.

Thank you :-)

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Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your super quick response :-)

The disc isn't really scratched as such, it has one little scuff mark on it, I believe that it's the scuff mark that is causing the issue, I've put the disc into my Nintendo Wii and the exact same thing happens at the exact same point.

I've cleaned the disc too and still the same thing happens.


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Can you confirm if the disc is scratched or dinged up?

If the cube cube were to blame, the problem with not necessarily happen in the same place every time. It would be random as heck.

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I have the same issue where I get the error every time I defeat mecha bowser

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