Sony Xperia Z3 Compact released in Sep. 2014.

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How to get LCD to stick to frame?

So I cracked my screen, I ordered a new one, removed the old screen, cleaned the frame of the old adhesive, then I used some red vhb adhesive tape around the frame, installed my new screen, pressed down/held it down for about 1-2min. Then started using it for about 10-20 min. After about 15min the middle part of the frame (on the sides) started lifting up substantially. How can I fix this? Did I use the wrong adhesive? I didn't go for the pre-cut adhesive because i've heard it is not sticky at all and others were having problems with the lcd lifting from the frame. So I decided to use the red vhb (very high bond) adhesive. Did i do something wrong? am I supposed to heat up the adhesive with a heatgun/hair dryer to make it stickier, and then apply the LCD?

Please help.

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For a best result you have to use adhesive sticker prepared for the model:

If the tape you used is of good quality, probably frame is not cleaned well. You need to use an isopropyl alcohol to clean the frame.

Often, when the spare part is not of good quality or if there is hit, deformation of the frame, the screen does not fit well to the frame.

Before I put the adhesive, I try the screen to the frame. From time to time I use a sharp screwdriver to "sculpting" the frame.


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What do you mean by sculpting the frame?


If there is a deformation of the frame (if the plastic is crushed) after a smasher.

I cut deformed places to allow the glass to fit well, without being tense.


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You'd better use the original lcd suppporting frame sticker to help make the screen stick to the frame:

Here is the video showing how to replace the screen wiht sticker:

Hope it can help you.

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I've used that one before, it's not any better than red vhb adehsive double sided tape. The sides still lift.


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If your z3 compact causes the frame to bend when dropped, it may cause the screen to not fit the frame, so you need to replace a z3 compact frame. Here we provide the original middle housing for Sony xperia z3 compact.

But if your z3 compact frame is perfect then try to using the hair dryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive and install the LCD screen.

If you need to change your lcd screen adhesvie, we provide the OEM lcd screen adhesive for Sony xperia z3 compact.

You can watch this Sony xperia z3 compact lcd screen replace guide to change the lcd screen adhesive.

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