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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Tip of Lightningcable broken and stuck in the Ipad...

Worst case cenario? While loading my Ipad Air 2 it fell from the desk directly on the lightningconnector with the cable in it. The tip of the cable broke and is now stuck in the lightningconnector - so far no way of getting it out, even the repair shop didnt manage.

If they open it and try to repair/exchange the lightningsocket (or whatever its called) apple warranty is void. (Ipad is just about 2 month old)

Now on the other hand apple probably wont repair but just offre an replacement for unbelievable 380 €!!!! 380 € because a loading cable broke!!!! And apple build this thing in a way thats a) hypersensitive and b) refuse to repair it!

I really hope anybody here has got a better idea?


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You may want to try another repair shop. So far, I have always been able to remove broken lightning tips. I use a microscope and dental probes, and it works great.

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Could you post a picture please?

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Dear David, Dear Chris

thanks for your quick replys.

here is the best picture I could take so far:

Block Image

the aluminium shell is bend upwards, the socket itself seems ok, but can´t say for sure.

David, I thought about using a very fine drill to either break the lightningcable tip to pieces that I can get out with a fine brush or vaccumcleaner or - better - have the drill stuck in the tip so I can pull it out?

otherwise i thought about using several small plastic pipes and inject a strong glue through them, so I can glue them to the tip and pull it out? otherwise I might try with a shop that´s repairing clocks or other fine mechanics?

thanks for your help!



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