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The Aquos LC-13B2UA is a LCD Television created by Sharp. The Sharp Aquos LC-13B2UA measures 13x3 inches.

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Why is my hdmi suddenly not working with directv

has 6 hdmi connections non work with directv screen reads,, your tv does not support this programs content protection, replacing the tvs hdmi with component cables will allow you to view the program

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Give us some more details, please, just to be clear.

You have tried the SAME hdmi cable in ALL the hdmi connectors of your TV?

First thing to do sholud be try with another cable. If the failure persists, it is clear the cable it's OK, so the problem is in the TV. Know check in every hdmi connector. With this action you can identify if the error is in a connector or if it is chipset related.

If it is only one the non working connector, maybe redoing its solder points can fix the problem. If none of them works, it is a deeper problem. You can try to fix the board yourself if you have the skills and the tools or take it to a technician, or by a new board for your tv based on the PCB part number.

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On the direct tv settings under video it has an HDMI control turn it to off and your hdmi will work.

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You will get the “TV does not support this programs content protection” message when your TV doesn’t meet the content protection requirement of the DirecTV. In order to fix it, while you activate DirecTV Now on Roku or any other streaming device, go for a quick restart of your TV and the receiver. If the error persists, try with a new HDMI cable or go for a AVR cable.

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