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Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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3rd Gen iPad with the Digitizer and LCD Bonded

Anybody else encountered an iPad Retina with the LCD bonded to the digitizer and front glass? I have a model A1416 64GB that got cracked. The LCD seems fine so I ordered a front glass assembly. Started the repair only to find the entire surface of the glass is bonded to the LCD with soft, transparent, very sticky goo.

I guess I'll try to get all the glass shards off the LCD as I have little to lose. If I fail, or if I wind up damaging the LCD I'll be no worse off. I mean, either way I would need to replace the LCD, so I might as well try.

Any advice? Is it better to free all four corners, remove the screws and then try to get things out in one piece or work on the LCD in place?

Is there a repair guide, perhaps for an older iPhone or iPod Touch that might be instructive?

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It is not bonded to the digitizer. You are taking the glass out of the digitizer. You need to manage to lift the glass with the digitizer. Try to use the heat gun on the white bezel on side at a time and with the guitar picks go all the way the white bezel. If you try to lift the digitizer from the right bottom corner you will see that is coming off without the lcd. Just try to take care when you lift it and the only place you need to heat and go with guitar picks is the white bezel.

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Thanks Alex. I persevered and managed to get the assembly free. I'll leave the question in case someone else makes the same mistake and looks for your advice.


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Okay, I was mistaken! I was inadvertently separating the front glass (shattered) from the digitizer, not the LCD. Once the edges were free of the frame, the assembly lifted up revealing more layers of glass underneath; the actual LCD I presume.

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The lesson being that if the front glass is severely fragmented, it can be impossible to pry up the edges even if the whole front is taped over. And sliding the opener picks between the front glass proper and the very thin glass of the digitizer panel is possible while they are warm.

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