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Model A1320 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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I need a new white menu cover for the click wheel?

I have an ipod with a broken click wheel. Actually, the click wheel works but the white plastic menu button that goes over it is broken and the little squares on the side that adhere it to the metal discs are snapped. In short, there is no way to get a secure fit of the click wheel onto the ipod.

Anyone know where to buy this part?

Also the metal disks under the white plastic would be a big help, too.

Everyone who seems to sell the click wheel sensor only, not the other pieces required to make it work.

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Here's a source for the click wheel part:

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Thank you. From the price of it I may be better off buying someone else's totaled ipod and using the click wheel part from it.

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Hey, that's what the part companies do.


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