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Intel(R) HD Graphics 530

labtop lenovo y700 .. when preform hardware scan >> video card Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 >> mathematical operations test is Faied !! why ??

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You have two questions related to the hardware on your lenovo y700. Is there a specific problem that you are having with the video or processing?


I have the same exact problem for the Yoga 700-14ISK Laptop (ideapad) ... Runs hardware test and finds critical error " mathematical operations test"


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*EDIT There is now an update for the IGP 530 that will fix the test failure and "mathematical error." To update do the following.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Right click the "start" icon on the bottom left

Click "device manager"

In device manager click on "Display adapters"

Right click on "Intel(R) HD Graphics 530"

Click "Update driver software"

In the popup window chose "Search automatically for updated driver software"

Windows will update the driver.*

It has to do with the driver from Lenovo for the IGP 530 and the failure that is pretty much any piece of Lenovo software. You can try updating the video driver but Lenovo hasnt released a new one for quite some time and the BioS update they finally released addresses basically nothing at all. There is nothing wrong with your hardware and there is nothing to worry about. Uninstall any Lenovo preinstalled software and you wont have to worry about it anymore. On my y700 the LSC and QuickOptimizer apps give me an instant BSOD. Uninstalled, no more issues.

Uninstall the following

Lenovo Solution Center

Lenovo Dependency Package

Lenovo Experience Improvement

Lenovo System Update

Lenovo Auto Scroll Utility

Lenovo Warranty Information


Lenovo PhoneCompanion

Lenovo VeriFace

Lenovo VeriFace Pro

Lenovo Updates

Lenovo Patch Utility

Lenovo SHAREit

Lenovo System Interface Driver

Lenovo User Guide

Lenovo Settings Dependency Package

Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer

Lenovo Transition

Lenovo Welcome

Lenovo Smart Voice

Lenovo SimpleTap

Lenovo Settings

Lenovo System Interface Foundation

Lenovo Peer Connect SDK

Lenovo Eye Distance System

Lenovo Security Suite

Lenovo Communications Utility

Lenovo ReadyComm 5

Lenovo MuteSync

Lenovo QuickOptimizer

Lenovo Service Bridge

Lenovo Driver and Application Installation

Lenovo App Shop

Lenovo Screen Reading Optimizer

Lenovo Accelerator Application

Lenovo App Services

Lenovo Dashboard

Lenovo Password Manager

Lenovo USB Blocker

Lenovo QuickLaunch

Lenovo Smart Update

Lenovo Recommends

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I currently keep having a problem with my computer screen freezing and when press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and start the task manager it goes away. but at the same time the disk usage is always registering 99.9% and i'm not running anything serious, nothing more than netflix or my external dvd drive when it happens. I'm concerned that there might be more of an issue related to hardware but i also hear that it could be a bug in the OS. What are your thought, and do you think that deleting those pre-installed programs will help?


I had the same problem with my Lenovo y700, but now it is fixed. Thank you Mike for the help, keep up the good work :)


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