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Repair guides and support for the laptop line of Acer's Aspire series for casual home and business use.

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Forgot BIOS supervisor password.

Forgot supervisor BIOS password on Aspire E 15 E5-573 39K5 (manufacture date Aug, 15 2015). I did set the PW, successfully accessed all BIOS functions yesterday, changed the PW and must have mistyped. Am able to login to BIOS using User PW where it only allows changing the date/time. I forgot/mistyped the HDD PW too and it says "Frozen" in the User BIOS screen. Only answers I've found yet get past User PW by entering code displayed after enter wrong User PW three times. I am the legitimate, registered, paid-for-it owner of the laptop and can prove that on paper. I registered it with Acer by serial number the date I bought it. I have not called Acer support yet and don't want to (I'm afraid they'll say "send it in" - the reason I'm avoid that is it's my only computer and can't be without it for a week - I am not avoiding proving legal ownership).

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problem bios passwoard


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Hi Ryan,

Had you tried this one

You can also use these softwares:

CmosPwd :

KillCMOS :

Thanks & Regards,


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