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Why is the LCD screen not working?

When I turned the camera on, the screen appeared black. I could tell the camera was working and taking pictures because I could hear the shutter sound and it could still zoom in and out. I've tried turning the camera on and off multiple times, but it still will not turn on. My daughter's 1st birthday is coming up and I really need the camera to take pictures. Please help.

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The LCD screen on my Fuji S700 quit working, too. Finally, I did a "reset" and the screen came back on.


How to reset please?


Mine too on my X-A5 fujifilm camera :(


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Hi Jay,

First, you might want to check that your lens cap is off. If that wasn't it, then you should clean the lens. You can also refer to the the Fujifilm X30 battery replacement guide. I hope this was helpful!

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Provided it is not that EVF is selected, or lens cover is on, it could be:

  1. screen broken
  2. screen connector malfunction

In the first case it could be caused by a drop or similar. You should see evidences of broken screen on glass. In this case it should be replaced.

You should disassemble the LCD.

Follow disassembly guide but just step 18, no need to teardown the whole camera.

On the second case it could be caused by humidity or water, or even a drop that has moved flex cable from its connector.

You should disassemble the LCD and inspect it.

Follow disassembly guide but just step 18, no need to teardown the whole camera in the first place.

Remove LCD and adhesive tape. Clean every connector and component with isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush. I managed to revive my LCD that was only showing white light and some stripes.

With LCD in place, test voltage on slim power connector/flex cable. On my camera it registers some 15.30V

If voltage is ok and LCD is not lighting up (some white light) it should be replaced. If LCD is lighting up but showing ghost image or stripes, video connector should be cleaned.

If no voltage is registered, you'll have to disassemble the back of the camera and inspect flex cable and connector from mainboard. And clean and replace if needed.

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There is a small button on top of the viewfinder, on the right side that written "View Mode". If it pressed accidentaly it will make the LCD screen blank. I've experienced this twice and and made me worry for quit awhile. Nothing is broken, thankfully.

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Thank you Fajar Sutrisno! I also was worried when my LCD screen was black. I turns out that I accidentally pressed the "View mode" on the right.


@reihirayama you are welcome.


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