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Some place that will take a stripped screw out for me?

I have a very badly stripped screw that I've been trying to take out for the past two hours. I've tried all the methods I can, rubber band, flat head, a bigger size bit, etc. but not things like a dremel, hammer, etc. (live in a dorm, not allowed to have that kind of stuff). If I take it to the hardware store, would they be able to take it out for me just this one time, or would they just try to sell a product that they think can do it?

I really just need this screw out and am willing to pay money to get it done, so if anyone knows of a place/person who could do this for me, I'd really very much appreciate it!

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What size screw and what is it in?


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Take it to a jewelry store that has a bench man. He has he tools for getting it out in a couple of minutes.

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