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Released on October 1, 2013 the BLU Studio 5.5 is an unlocked Android smartphone with two model types being the D600 (single SIM) or D610 (dual SIM).

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Battery and EarBud Sound

Hello. I've struggle using this product for the past two weeks. When I use this phone without the adapter for about two minutes it goes from one hundred to one percent in just under five minutes it completely dies. Ear Bud sound only come from one side. I've tried the same Ear Bud on a different phone and it works perfectly fine. What can you or I do at this point?

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Do you have a case on your phone this can sometimes keep the jack from being plugged in all the way.It usually plays on one side only if its not plugged in all the way.

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I tryed it with and without the case, same issue occurs.


is the plug going down till its flush with the rubber on the end of the jack there could be something stopping it from plugging in all the way . lint in the jack or dirt


Its possible it could be caused by dirt or lint. What is the best, non lethal way to clean it? Especially the amount of room the "jack" provide. In terms of battery the one provided with the purchase of the specific model.


shine a light down the hole see if you can see anything and if you need to clean it a toothpick works well no shock there


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