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7.9 inch display / Model A1454 / Available in black or white / Announced October 23rd, 2012 / 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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iPad mini will not draw current.


I recently took my iPad mini (model # A1432, serial #F4KK72QFF1(orT)93) to Apple's Genius Bar. I was told my iPad "was not drawing current".

Please advise.


Ric Shaner

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What did the Genius recommend? Has the battery ever been changed? How was determination made? What will it do? Did they use your charger or dock?

UPDATE 1/13/16

Ric, the answer volunteers here are good be not omniscient. Without symptoms your question cannot be answered. Consider contacting Jessa, who is an expert on these at this link:

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The Genius Bar said the problem, I do not remember the name of part, was not drawing current from the lightening cable. He said they could not repair it. No, the battery has not been changed and no they did not use my charger; my charger works fine to charge my iPhone and my wife's iPad mini. He took my iPad in the back to make the determination and did not specify what instrument/tools were used.



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