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The Oregon Scientific Meep! X2 is handheld tablet for kids. It is distinguished by its bright orange casing and black frame around the screen.

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What alternative opperating systems can I put on a meep tablet?

I have a meep tablet and the operating system it came with is crap . info on it is here ,Oregon Scientific Meep! X2 . the usb cable is not working either. please help me fix my 3 year old tablet so it can entertain people who aren't actually 3 years old .

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So you might know that there was a USB thing plug that came with the tablet or if you got the drum or any instrument. So you can plug in the USB plug into the PC. After you do that then plug the other side of the plug into the MEEP! tablet then something happens, I don't know what it is because I haven't gotten that far yet but I will let you know when I do get that far.

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