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Apple released the slimmed-down, buffed up iPad Air on November 1, 2013 in a choice of Space Gray or Silver. It packs the custom A7 processor and ships in 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB configurations.

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Digitizer not working after trying to solve "ghost" touches


I am the owner of an iPad Air (5th generation). 6 months ago I cracked the screen, and I successfully replaced the digitizer. One month ago I started experiencing the "ghost" touches issue. Today, I decided to open everything to check if something was wrong with the cables, so I disassembled the screen and digitizer and assembled everything again. To my surprise the digitizer stopped working completely. Sometimes it goes crazy when I touch the lateral flex cable which folds on itself, others it reacts as if I was slightly swiping the home screen to the right when the screen is locked. Therefore I suspect there is something wrong here (with the bottom left lateral flex cable which is folded on itself). Have I damaged the digitizer ? Is there any possible way on how can I solved this?

Thanks a lot in advance

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I would start with a new good quality screen not the junk on eBay or Amazon. With the iPad Air make sure you are using kapton tape to tape the edges of the screen. Then when you put screen down make sure the cable you fold on the screen is not laying or bent flat it should have a loop in it because the frame had a spot cut out for that loop to sit in. Good luck!!

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Exactly the same problem here - same history of event even - I changed 3 different screens from 3 different suppliers which were till today all working perfectly well on other iPads. For some strange reason this all happened after IOS 9.0 and even worse after latest update.

Because Touch screen is not responsive I can't switch off my iPad completely - even with combination Home-Start button for few seconds all I can do is Restart.

I will have to probably remove Motherboard in order to disconnect battery and try Factory restore.

Problem I read ... almost the same as famous Error 54 - you have to have original Home button ( if you are lucky) and your chances to solve the problem are close to 80%.

Good luck and please let us know about the progress in the future.

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