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The second generation PlayStation Vita, the PCH-2000 series, is commonly referred to as either the PS Vita Slim or the PS Vita 2000. Announced in Japan fall 2013, and released in North America in May 2014. It is rated as a hand held entertainment device. Supported by :: Wi‑Fi, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Network / Plus, Bluetooth. Model number: PCH-2001.

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Broken ribbon on right side

Hi guys,

Is there any possible way to get replacement ribbons for the ps vita slim? I know there are some available for the pa vita, but I have so far not been able to find any for the slim. I need one of the thick cables that connect the main chip to the right chip (the one with the triangle button etc)

Any ideas? At the moment I cannot use my ps vita because this cable seems to be damaged

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Go on Ebay it more cheaper

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Definitely try Ebay


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