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The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a smartphone with full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen.

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Phone wont switch on

Hello have a phone problem ,it doesn't switch on the screen is black even after I changed batteries===

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We seem to be having the same problem, mine only flashes red when u try to put it on but yet remains blank


same problem


My blackberry bold 9900 won't turn on I tried a new battery and it only worked for an hour or 2,then I charged the two batteries else where it also for an hour or two . when plug in the charger the led light turns red and u only see battery charging sign that's all.


Same problem


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Hello geraldmtshali,

  • install blackberry manager
  • Connect the phone via m.USB cable
  • Update the firmware if available otherwise you can do the repair the phone by blackberry manager
  • Fallow the instruction

Hope above steps will help you to fix your BB

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I removed my battery out of my phone, then when I put it back in again which was about 1 hour later it wouldn't turn back on, it has no LED flashing at all, I've tried plugging it into the charger and nothing happens and plugged it into the laptop that also done nothing. The laptop doesn't even realised I've plugged it in.

Can anyone help?


Hello shuvo, does BB manager detects your phone ?


no brother its not :(


Then it should be hardware fault. simply you can check the micro USB connector either it physically damaged.


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