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A tablet with capabilities to attach to a portable keyboard and function as a laptop.

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Unbranded UB-15MS10 tablet Screen Replacement HELP! :-)

I have an Unbranded Un-15MS10 Tablet with a cracked screen. I have replaced many phones and tablet screens before. I found the replacement part fo this device on Ebay...

DY10120(V2) Unbranded UB-15MS10 10.1" Tablet Touchscreen Digitizer Replacement

LIKE many tablets that I have seen... when you remove the old digitizer glass, it's cable (ribbon) goes down through an opening to the backside of the LCD... and is clipped in.

HOWEVER UNLIKE other Tablets... I can Not Find ANY info on how to get behind the LCD to disconnect the old cable, so that I can also reconnect the new digitizer.

Has anyone out there ever worked on one of these?

It looks like there are three clip / tabs (two at the bottom and one on the left) on face of the LCD... but I cant seem to get them to "pop off" and I don't want to force / break anything.

Any and all help would greatly be appreciated!


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I found a screen on Ebey...

And while there, I even found another Unbranded UB-15MS10, (the entire device) for only $65 bucks!

But back to the screen... At first i was hesitant... since it wasn't coming from a brick and mortar... and it was being shipped...

But the screen actually arrived in one piece! :-)

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Were you able to solve this? I am in a similar situation with the UB-15MS10 tablet. Thanks for the info.

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Yes... I posted the solution ;-)


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Yes... I feel so dumb!! ;-)

1) The back of the Tablet "pops off" similar not the back of a Samsung phone.

2) From there you can disconnect the digitizer cable

3) from the front, you have to "dig out" the old cracked screen...

The best way to remove the old screen is to heat it up with a heat plate or hot air gun...( to loosen the adhesive)Then dig!

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where can I find the replacement glass? Have searched EVERYwhere! thanks!!

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Aliexpress in China has them for about $25 with free shipping.


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