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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet series released September 25, 2013. Identifiable by the model number N9005.

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Phone is dead, nothing lights up when plugged in, Help!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A Phone will not turn on. When we plug the charge cord in there are no lights indicating it is charging. We have tested the charge cord on other devices, so we know it is good. We have removed the battery for several minutes and then replaced it to no avail. Not sure where to go from here to diagnose this. Thanks in advance!

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try to enter download mode or recovery (google)

if you can't access these crack your phone open and try to reconnect every cable

also check the boards for damage junk or whatever dosen't look normal

does it respond anyhow if you power it up? vibrates? sound comes out?

try to check the baterry (multimeter >3.2v<4.2v) (or on other phone) since SGN3 can't boot of charger

there are Million things that could &&^& itself up

if you have 2nd SGN3 (friend of family maybe?) you could check all boards (just switch the boards arround and check which one the problem is

anything that i can think of may be some thermal damage (overheat) or maybe some junk is inside

phones just don't die for no reason

it could be as easy as battery and as hard as broken trace

after your research let me know what you found (if board damage -> post pictures)

oh and btw. try to check your boards with 10x or so lens (50x would be awesome but i don't think you have any (i have only 30x))

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I have a similar problem but my phone vibrates once when I try to power it on. Nothing on the screen and no lights whatsoever. Even the touch buttons at the bottom don't light up. The phone just ran out of charge and then never came back to life even after I plugged it in. I've already tried different batteries. I just need to know how I can get it to turn back on one more time so that I can get my data off of it.


Hmmm.... what phone is that ? SGN3? i would say crack it open and check for board damage...junk or other stuff inside...

If it worked last time that it could be dead screen...but it dosen't work now...makes no sence...take photos of the main PCB and anything suspicious and look at the board with a lens...there could be smth. Blown...i don't think you can restire your data ....but hey you don't have anything to loose


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