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The second generation of the iPad with Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA models. Some models were refreshed before the iPad 3. Repair is difficult and requires heat and prying.

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Powwr button kabel aansluitingen

Aad van Mourik

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Power button cable connections

A good day all.

I have the following problem.

I have an iPad 2 and replace the power button cable, but there still remains at the end of a connection!

Look at the IPad laying down with the powerknob at the right upper site.

Then starting from top right side towarts down.

1. connection cable from the power button - then connection to the switch for the Wi-Fi - then the two switches of the volume knob. Then there's one connection left over.

On surtain movies you can see that this connection is a ???? thing, which is below the volume button. What is this thing? Becuase my IPad 2 has not such thing.

Please help.



Sorry for my bad Englisch.

Please help.



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sorry but i don't understand anything at all........

Kannst du vielleicht Deutsch ?

Moze mowisz po polsku?

just post some pictures so i may just get it what you mean


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Hi, Mateusz.

Its about this cable. (see link below)

Its the last connection to something that not exist on mij IPad 2.



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oh that's tough one

so i think that this cable is universal for not only one ipad 2 (or other variations)

or your ipad is weird

you need to repalce your cable right?

can you take it out and post foto of it ? and foto or your phone? is it orginal ipad?

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Hi, Mateusz!

I send you allready a link with the cable.

IPad is at the moment working except the powerbutton??

After replacing all the parts i tested the IPad and its working.

After putting the screen en digitizer on the frame (with the gleu parts) the powerbutton is not working anymore.

I put the IPad on a Marketplace like Ebay on sale.

Need no further tips ore so.

Thank you foor thinking with me and have a good day.


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