Released June 2014, identified by model 635.

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Phone vibrates but absolutely no power to screen

My Nokia Lumia 635 will not show any kind of light on the screen, but I know it is not the battery because it will vibrate every 15 seconds. I have had problems with this phone and have used the windows recovery tool on it once before as well as replacing a broken LCD and having water damage. (The water damage was nearly a year ago and it seemed to have fully recovered.) The phone stopped working while I was at work after using it to listen to music the whole way there. Unlike the time I had to use the recovery tool, the screen will not light up even slightly or show the Nokia logo, but the rest seems the same but does not overheat like it did before. (It doesn't smell like the circuit board is burnt anywhere)



What I have already tried:

-charging for about 30min

-volume down and power

-power for 10 sec

-plug into computer (would detect for about 15 sec then forget then re-discover ect.)

-hold volume down then plug in

-disconnect and reconnect LCD (to see if it was loose AND in the boot-up loop again)



-Is it possible for software problems to interfere with the screen's ability to light up?

-Is it possible for water damage to cause problems after the phone is dry and functional?

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I got an update for the windows phone recovery tool and everything seems to be fixed after using it.

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I got my phone soaked (lumia 550) the phone vibrates but do not power up

I tried hard resetting but it aint working

and i have used the windows phone recovery tool . the tool doesnt detect my device

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i have the same problem..exactly..any solutions?


i have the same problem exactly need solution urgent please provide as soon as possible


any updates? I have the same problem with Nokia 635, tried everything still black screen


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Just to add that neither soft or hard reset nor even attempting to adjust the terminals for battery could bring my lumia 630 back to life for the past one week. A repairer handled it overnight and claimed there is no problem with the charging port, yet it only vibrates intermittently without powering on nor display anything on the screen.

Please help.

Recovery tool is helpless to a set that could not be recognised on pc since its lifeless.

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