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Launched in October 2014, identified by model number CHDHA-301.

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standard housing broken CHDHA-301.

After a fall broke my standard housing . I would like to substitute another . How should I do? Buy a standard housing of hero 3 and adapt to my hero or the hero exists standard housing to buy.

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That unfortunately is one of the only limitations to these stupid GoPros :(

Sadly there isn't an easy fix, but if you have a warranty still, send it for a new one!

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I agree. the case of cam was crap.

My broken the part frontal on camera, I remove the acrylic from part on camera and put one glass.

is working yet.

Best regards from Brazil

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Hey i am from Brazil too, How do you remove the acrylic and put an glass? Can we still in touch to talk


Tomei um tiro de Airsoft neste proteção da lente e ela trincou. Esta parte quadrada, simplesmente removi, é fácil, tem apenas uma cola e mandei fazer de vidro o mesmo tamanho e colei com silicone.


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