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4" smartphone manufactured by BLU Products, featuring a dual-core processor, 512 of RAM, and Android 4.0.

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Why isnt my phone powering on?

My Blu Dash music 4.0 is not powering on it starts to power on but paused at BLU screen. i have tried charging it but it doesn't work .how can i fix it?

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Model: Dash Music 4.0

yesterday my phone went off while i was on facebook, and now i'm trying to turn it on but no luck. i've tried to factory re-set the android but but it says no command. then i did some research that said i needed to press both volumes button and the power buttons but it still did not turn on.


A friend got me a BLU Phone from America. I live in Nigeria. The phone worked for a week and then suddenly stopped working. All attempts to turn it on has not been successful so far. What do I do?


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Try removing the battery for a few minutes and plug it back in, see if that helps.

Report back after :-)

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my battery is in bilet


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mybattery is in beilt i can not remove it

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