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Poor performance of Ulefone Be Pro screen.

Hi all experts. Please help me with advice as possible to correct some flaws. When I click numbers on my screen not all react, especially number 7 is not working. I'll be glad to get any advice. Thanks in advance guys.

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Wondering if it is your digitizer. Do letters behave the same? Try physically turning the phone into "landscape" position instead of the normal "portrait" position and see if it behaves exactly the same way. (in other words turn your phone 90deg). If problem is different but is in same "area" on screen as before you may have a faulty digitizer. - Maybe make a note of the area on the screen where problem is so that you can see when you turn the phone whether the problem is still in the same area.


Hello, Jayeff. Thank you for such a quick and clear answer. I can say that I found a new places in a different corners on the screen that does not respond to touch. I tried to do it in "portrait" and "landscape", in both cases, the screen does not respond, and noticed that the screen began to flicker. What do you advise? Thanks in advance. Regards.


Hi Eugene,

Suggest you do a search on YouTube, either 'Ulefone Be Pro digitizer replacement' or 'Ulefone Be Pro teardown' This will show how to replace your digitizer. Just 'google' 'Ulefone Be Pro digitizer' to find the correct replacement part. Look at a few videos if there are more than one, to get the one that you think shows the most details (clearest view) on removal/reinstallation. If you don't feel that you want to do it yourself, take it to a professional phone repair service.


Hi, Jayeff. Deeply grateful to you for your advice and help. All the best.


Hi Eugene,

You're welcome. Good Luck.


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I have a Be Pro with the same problem. I think the digitizers go bad after a while.

You can buy a new screen/digitizer module but it's difficult to do and economically questionable:

I just bought a new phone and relegated the Be Pro to car navigation, which doesn't use the digitizer so much.

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Hi Tim. Thank's for your advice. Regards.


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