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Model number NV370. Stands 27 inches tall and features Shark’s never loses suction technology and swivel steering.

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How to Get a toddler sock from the hose

A toddler sock is stuck in the hose of a shArk lift away kind of by the handle part we took it apart however the hose cannot be removed we can see the sock. Was wondering how to remove the hose we took off all the crews but the hose could not be removed....

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How deep into the hose is it from your opening?


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Unspool a coat hanger and leave the end that looks like a cork screw alone straighten the rest of the coat hanger then run the coat hanger into the hose till you get to the sock the use the corkscrew end to bore into the sock and once it binds and wont turn any more pull it out

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this is a serious design problem with the shark. i like the shark because it is light, but it is very difficult to maintain.

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