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The Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 is an all-in-one styling trimmer. It has multiple attachments for all your grooming needs. It is identified by model number QG3330/60.

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Why won't my device turn on?

When I press the power button the device won't turn on. How do I fix this?

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Just got mine for Christmas. Philips 4-1 3000 series. Cool, it had about a time min charge out of the box. Then I over night, the charge lasted less then 10mins, and it won't work even with it plugged in. Defective?


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Mine it wasn’t working, but if a shake it a little bit, it worked. It was a loose cable on the battery. Thank you, the steps to disassemble help me to fix it with a little lead and a heat gun

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If the device is not plugged in or fully charged it will not work properly. Plug the device into the wall and try to turn it on. Check to make sure charger light is on as an indication that the charger is in working order. Note that the trimmer will not run if it has not charged for at least ten minutes. For more information visit Philips Norelco MultiGroom 3100 Troubleshooting Page.

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Unfortunately there is a problem/defect with the switch. Majority of the online complaints is the unit not powering on even with full charge. Unit will have to be returned for refund or sent in to repair center.


After charging All night I try to turn it on the orange light blinks. Sometimes it turns right on when I hit the button. Most times no.


I'm also having the same thing with my shaver , fully charged and won't turn on !


Got mine from Costco on 10-17-22. Finally took out of the box a month later. Plugged in and no charge light on . Left plugged in all night to hopefully use in morning. Won’t turn on at all. Customer service is a joke and they hung up on me. I’m just going to return it to Costco. I don’t have time for this . Guess it wasn’t meant to be. S. Selik


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