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The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a point and shoot camera that uses the Android operating system. The camera features 21x optical zoom and a 16 Megapixel sensor, as well as Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular connectivity.

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Why is my camera's battery life so short?

The camera I have loses battery way too quickly. Is the battery corroded? How do I fix it or replace it?

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Hi Derek,

There could be multiple reasons as to why your camera's battery life is so short. Your battery may not be fully charged. Are you making sure that you are leaving it plugged in long enough to make sure that it becomes fully charged? If that isn't it, then the reason could also be because you have an inefficient battery. This tends to happen in rechargeable batteries. After a long time, they will no longer hold a charge. If so, then you will have to replace the entire battery.

Here's a reference to help you: Samsung Galaxy Camera Troubleshooting

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