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Released October 24, 2011 / 2.2, 2.4, or 2.5 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Replaced wireless/bluetooth card and wireless still not working

I have replaced the wireless/Bluetooth card in my laptop and the Bluetooth works but the wireless does not. Will replacing the display fix this or is it going to be the logic board that needs replaced?

Update (01/06/2016)

Dan, here are two pics of the card, one of the old one and one of the new one installed in the system. Unfortunately, the new one has no markings on the label:

Block Image

Block Image

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Go under the Apple to about this Mac > More info > Network > WiFi and tell us if it sees anything.


this is what is shows:

Software Versions:

CoreWLAN: 11.0 (1101.20)

CoreWLANKit: 11.0 (1101.20)

Menu Extra: 11.0 (1110.33)

System Information: 11.0 (1100.1)

IO80211 Family: 11.1 (1110.26)

Diagnostics: 5.1 (510.88)

AirPort Utility: 6.3.6 (636.5)


At this point I think you need to try a different AirPort card. The original unit is the correct P/N. Can you tell us what happened when it died the first time.


I purchased the laptop a few months ago on eBay and the wireless didn't work when I got it, the bluetooth did though. I replaced the AirPort card with one that i bought from and the same thing, no wireless but bluetooth did work. I then took it to a repair shop and they said that the wireless wouldn't work without spending a bunch of money to get it to work, so they put in a usb wireless device and it worked for a while. Now that doesn't work either, but if I use bootcamp and I boot to windows the usb wireless works there. I decided to try replacing the display as everything I read says that that is where the wireless antenna are, so I did that and still have the same issue.


There is an inductor coil near the adapter ribbon cable connection on the logic board that sometimes blows. If the new adapter was good that is what I suspect is the root issue with the AirPort card. As to the external USB port WiFI adapter that sounds like a driver issue if it works under Windows under BootCamp.


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Lets try a different direction here, download this app from the Apps Store: WiFi Explorer. With it you should be able to see the available Access Points (AP's). Are you able to see any? Post a screenshot for us to see within your question (edit mode).

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This is what I get:

"Unable to scan for wireless networks.

No supported Wi-Fi interfaces were found.

For more information visit WiFi Explorer Support."

I am not sure how to paste a screenshot, command-control-shift-4 and then command-v isn't working


Mmm... Not good :-( Don't worry about the screenshot the fact you don't see the AirPort card at all from the OS needs to be addressed. It sounds like you have either a bad card or the incorrect unit for your system. Can you please take a good image of the card so we can see the model number and the antennas.


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I would run disk utility to repair the drive and eliminate the chance it could be software. If you have already replaced the airport card the only option left would be the antennas which are in the display panel .

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I replaced the display and it still does not show that wireless is available in the Network preferences.


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