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The third iteration of Lenovo's Yoga line of notebooks, similar in design and hardware to its predecessors. Designated by model number 80HE000DUS.

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Touch Screen is not Working Correctly

Occasionally when I turn on my computer the touch screen will not work correctly. It acts as if it is being touch in a multitude of places at once, so I cannot use it. How can I fix this?

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There may be a problem with your USB driver interface. The easiest way to check is to:

1) Press the Windows button and type Device Manager

2) Check for yellow triangles directly before any of the USB controllers or the Human Interface devices.

3) If a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark exists right click on the component that the triangle is associated with and either update the software or reinstall the component.

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The following solutions might solve your problem.

Solution 1: Use troubleshooter

- Click ‘Start’ and ‘Control Panel’ then

- Enter ‘Troubleshooter’ in the search box, and click ‘Troubleshooting’

- Click ‘Configure a device’ under ‘Hardware and Sound’

Solution 2: Update touchpad driver

- Click ‘Start’ and Enter 'Device Manager'

- Find touchpad driver and right click, then select 'Update'

You could also use Driver Talent to help you to the driver. It could scan to detect all drivers, then verify the problematic driver, fix them for you finally. All this just need one mouse click.

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