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The HTC One X is the first HTC phone to be equipped with a quad-core processor, released in April 2012.

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How to get data from dead phone?


My phone is completely dead. Neither it charges or connects to PC. I want pictures from internal memory. Is it possible to retrieve? How can we do ? Please Help me. Pictures are really important.

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Pooja ,

if the phone is totally dead also not detecting by the PC there is no simple way to retrieve your data back.

1) Try to fix your phone without flashing trough JTAGs : if your phone having power related fault you can get your data back after fixing the phone

2) swapping EMMC : one of hardest repair in modern world and you may required to working condition motherboard to swap your EMMC to retrieve your data back (may be repair cost will be higher then value of phone )

3) Check on google photo or recently backup location (Google drive/ drop box/ FB photo sync) to get any of missed data

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No I don't have any back up. Is there a way to fix motherboard and get the data?


best of my experience HTC use quality materials on there logic boards and most of the phone durable as well as repairable. why don't you try to repair the phone ?


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Dear Mahesh,

I have HTC one x. Unfortunately my phone had one issue. It's not working properly.

Where can I repair this phone or i can get its parts which needs to be replace....

Can you guide me acoording this.

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