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The modern, current Toyota Tacoma - fully updated.

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How to change running light bulbs

Change burned light bulb. How to access old bulb to put in new.

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Are you referring to the amber turn signal bulb or the small bulb in the corner of the headlight? If so both of those bulbs can be easily accessed if you open the hood and reach around the backside of the headlight. There you can twist the socket to the right and pull the bulb out and replace them without removing the headlight entirely.

Turn Signal/Running Light Bulb Type: 4157NA

Small Side Marker Bulb Type: T10

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You can pry the plug off easily using a screwdriver between it and the housing. The bulb holder is a different story in it can be just a hard to turn object without a size a socket can cover. Careful with pliers to not break the plastic.


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