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Business desktop computer manufactured by HP in 2007. Green PC certified / Intel Core 2 Duo processor

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will it work with an intel slb6b processor?

have 2 gb of ram 159gb hdd wirh a intel dual core 1.80 processor and it hangs or stalls when using propresenter 5

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the intel processor is 2.66 ghz / 6m /1333 /05A.core 2 quad core


What are the model specifications on your current processor? You can check the socket of the compare those specs with those Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q9400S against what you have as a starting/reference point.


Most likely, but still possibly not. The motherboard may not support the specific processor, but it is worth a try. The socket is the same. But you may need to install a new heatsink for the new CPU. It has a higher Thermal Design Power.

Check this link if you need help installing a CPU:

HP rp5700 Repair Central Processing Unit(CPU) Replacement


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The rp5700 only supports CPUs with a 1066 MHz FSB. The Q9400 (SLB6B) has a 1333 MHz FSB. The fastest CPU supported is a Core 2 Duo E7400.

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