Model A1204 / 1 or 2 GB capacity

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I need reinstaling software

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Follow these instructions to reinstall the iPod software:

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+ very nice guide


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I reformatted my computer and it wouldn't recognise my iPod, even through iTunes. I recharged my ipod on another device and it worked. Try fully charging your iPod before you attempt to do anything with it. After charging then connect to your computer and it will find and load software. These iPods don't do anything on a part charge. I have learned the hard way. Very frustrating. When the iPod is not fully charged it will come up with errors and tell you to reset it etc. Charge it! Problem solved. I have no idea why Apple don't put this in their instructions, or even have it come up on iTunes. Hope this helps.

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install itunes 7

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not update my ipod suffal 1.0.4

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