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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Touch input all jacked up after multiple screen replacement attempts

So my phone was dropped by a friend. The screen cracked and was a mess. I did not have insurance on it so I went and had it replaced by a third party repair shop- I have no Apple Stores in town and no certified repair places. Anyway- two screens later it was still jacked up. Not responding at times, other times registering phantom touches. It sucks. Unusable. So I just ordered an ifixit replacement and installed it myself. The exact same thing happens. Everything has been gone through disconnect cleaned and reinstalled - no dice. Full reset does nothing . It's weird because it will work perfect at times. Especially after I reinstall a new screen or just unplugg replug on in. Help!

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I am hopeful that I found my own solution. So the touch screen would function fine after initial install but as soon as I placed the cable cover on, lowered the screen and tightened the penta lobes it would start to act up- phantom touches, unresponsive etc. So I just took the cable cover/shield off. It's been about 24 hours and not a problem so far. Obviously not highly advised but I had a paper weight otherwise.

I figure the shielding might have been pulling on the connection to the digitizer which was the reason for the delay in the behavior. Perhaps the original cable had a prebent set of cables that is not available when you order in the repair market. Or maybe the issue was a result of the first repair shop being a little over zealous when removing the oem display.

The new 6s has just three cables to the display - unlike the four present here so perhaps it was a known issue for them as well.

Maybe an ifixit staffer can weigh in.

The only real lesson learned is : don't let a friend break your device.

Anyway, leaving this here in case some other poor b*stard has a similar issue and for general prosperity.


Typed on 6+ using ifixit replacement screen and hack repair job

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