How do I stop my backlighting from making noise?

Yes it sounds crazy. I have the Acer Aspire S7 392 and when the backlight is on, it makes a really high pitched sound that drives me crazy. I've brought it to Acer, they gave me a new one and its still the same. Is there a way I can fix it on my own or to completely disable the backlight by unplugging some hardware on the inside?

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Hi Anthony, good news - you're not crazy. The electrical components that usually drive LED backlights can make a high pitched whining noise that sometimes only some people can hear. Often changing the brightness of the LEDs will shift the frequency of the buzz which can be used to make it inaudible. Most laptops provide a hardware or software method for adjusting the strength of the backlighting. Unfortunately, since I'm not familiar with this series of laptop I can't provide a more helpful answer.


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