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Released 1990 as a successor to the Apple Extended Keyboard. Models M0312 and M3501 were produced, using either the legendary ALPS tactile switches, or Mitsumi standard mechanical linear switches.

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command shortcuts not working

I wiped down my keyboard with one of those lysol wet wipes and now my command key won't work ... for example: I'm in InDesign and my command C just types a c and doesn't copy. I have the extended keyboard plugged into my MacBook Pro. I wiped down both keyboards. Now I can't figure out how to restore my command shortcuts or if I got the inside of my keyboard wet. But all the keys work as a typewriter, just not the commands. I'm thinking that I somehow locked the command out or something as I rubbed over all the keys, but have no idea. Anybody?

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Being able to reroute some keys may help with your trouble shooting or give you a temporary solution. For instance I have rerouted my CAPS lock key to ESC because it is more useful.

This app does the trick:

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