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A gaming headset that is compatible with the Xbox One.

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How to replace broken off phone jack?

My kids have broken off their xbox one phone jacks on their headsets. I have purchased new 4 conductor phone jacks from but I can not figure out how ot handle the conductors nor what terminal each one should be soldered to. There appears to be six individual conductors, coaxial inside of each other in three sets. Looks kind of like magnet wire. Can I assume the three outer, sort of sheilding wire looking conductors are the ground, and the three inner ones are individual positive wires? I've done several google searches and have come up empty.

Thank you.

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Did you ever resolve this issue?

I have the same issue with my sons xo one headphones. cut wire and found blue wire red wire and green wire it seems these are wrapped around three more wires, red around red, blue around blue but green around peach.

initial thoughts were outer wires were ground but i dont think this is the case. Obviously you have the issue of jack plug rings and which represents LH RH MIC and Ground. Im still no closer to fixing this


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Hi guys, I've solved this.

Trim back the sheath by around 12 - 15mm. Longer makes it easier to work on, but more difficult to get the connector cover back.

There are three screened wires inside the sheath, red, blue and green. There's also some nylon filler in there which you can just cut back.

Carefully unwrap the three screens from the inners and then twist them all together at the end, about 3 - 4mm. Make sure there are no stray whiskers. This will leave you with the three inners, red, blue, white.

You'll now have 4 ends. Tin them approx 2mm. Careful with the white, the insulation is different and it runs back quickly so take care!

Red goes to tip

Blue goes to R1

Red/Blu/Grn screens go to R2

White goes to sleeve.

Good luck! :)

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Hi. I have just tried this and can confirm it works.

3 wires. Each covered in coloured copper.

Untwisted copper from each wire and twist them all together to make a red/green/blue multi coloured 4th wire.

Use a lighter or match to burn off the white plastic coating of the 3 original wires.

Then connect red to tip, blue to 1st ring, multi coloured copper to 2nd ring and white to sleave.

You need a multi meter to work out which connector in the back of the jack corresponds with pin/ring 1,ring 2 and sleave.

Cue one happy 12yr old son. "Dad, you're a legend".

It was very fiddly and tricky work though. Took me about 3 hours in total.


Confirmed, again! Same as above just had to tin the wires before I soldered them on the jack pins. I burned the multicolor copper wire for a second or two before to help remove the coating on it. Make sure you have some Flux before you tin the wires and it went much easier.

Thanks for the guide because I would have had to sort those wires for hours before I got the combination right.


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This will help you -

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