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The fourth generation Volkswagen Jetta, also called the MK4 or the Bora, is Volkswagen's family sedan.

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not shifting into overdrive

two things i would like to know the location of my tcm trans control modular in my 1999 vw jetta 2.0 newer body style. and why do you think the trans is not shifting into overdrive what should i look for mick

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I have a 2002 Jetta 2.0 that wouldn't shift into overdrive. We changed a speed shift sensor, it didn't fix it. Come to find out, there's a speed shift sensor on top of the transmission under the transmission mount. It has a cord with a plug in attached to it, where as the other speed shift sensors don't have a cord connected to them. This fixes it. You also have to reset the transmission computer afterwards. So to do that turn the key in the on position without starting the car. Then hold down the gas petal for 30 seconds. That's it, good it go!!

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Is it necessary to have a speed shift sensor for overdrive in the Jetta?


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The TCM is below the wiper cowl along with the ECM. It might be low on ATF, which would prevent it from shifting into overdrive.

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As far as I know it has a sealed transmission.


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