A5 wont turn on - broken lcd


I am repairing one Samsung galaxy A5. I removed the old lcd and plugged the new one, but the phone is not turning on. The phone is on the charger, I can feel that it gets a little hotter but no other thing is happening.

I also connected it to the computer, but nothing happen on the pc.

Tried to hold power button adn down volume for 10 seconds, but nothing happened

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Can you check the board for damage ?

Have you done this before or is it your first time.

I am just asking to determine how to tackle this.


I repair phones, mostly Iphones but i did some somsung too. I dont think you can damage the motherboard just with lifting the lcd, because it is all covered with a strong plastic:



Have you tried removing the battery and trying to power it up ?


Was the phone definitely working before you replaced the screen?


I tried to disconnect the battery and put it back(the flex), but nothing changed. No, when i got the phone it has a small brake on the lcd but it wasnt working. The phone doesnt have any bigger damage on the hosuing, so its strange that it could broke the motherboard.

Anyway this parts is getting really hot when charding:


My Samsung motherboard is not the same as in the picture, but i think the overheating part is the same.


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