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Repair guides and support for riding lawn tractors sold under the Murray brand name, currently owned by Briggs & Stratton.

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Where does the brake tension spring attach

I am changing the drive belt and the spring detached before I could see where it was. I have it attached at the back of the mower, but where does it attach to the clutch?

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i'm having the same issue. The tensioner from the top view is on the right side facing forward. I connected the spring to the drive belt tensioner and then brought to the left side near the front of the rear tire. The frame has a hole to connect it to.

Press the brake to make sure the tensioners move and release as the pedal is pressed and depressed.

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spring seems too short, how do I stretch it enough to hook it on left side in front of rear tire?


Any have any pics Im having the same issue


In MY case the spring is attached but the belt is too loose to drive the mower. It won’t move. Spring just hanging down. Shouldn’t it be attached somewhere to create tension


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google the model number of your mower (its likely written somewhere under the seat if nowhere else) there are generally manuals online that might have a picture to show you where that spring belongs. In general though, pick a place that it functions correctly and you'll be ok. belts on a lawn mower are far from rocket science. Mine is currently rigged with a trampoline spring and fencing wire.

You need enough tension to keep it from slipping while engaged, but enough play that the clutch can get the pulley clear of the belt.

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