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Product released in 2011. Portable on-ear headphones that come with a detachable audio cable with built-in remote and mic for iPhone/iPod/iPad connections, and a carrying case.

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One side of the headphones aren't working

How do I fix the headphones so both sides are working?

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Cole Nagashima, you need to check a few things. start with the audio cable. Use a multimeter to check for continuity. Should the cable be okay, check the audio jack to make sure that all the wires are still soldered to it. If that checks out ok, check the wiring continuity from the audio jack to the non-functioning driver (speaker). The repair will depend on what needs to be fixed.

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Just check the cable with a resistor meter. if everything works out take out the side of the earphone that doesn't work. decoder the earphone and replace it

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I checked the wires going out from where they split at the 3.5mm female jack.

The left side is good, but 1 of the two cables going the the right side isnt receiving any current.

What should I do?

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Eeem... guys? How do you fix both parts?


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