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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven, released Summer 2013. Model Number: TB300-2219-01. Compatible with the XBox One and mobile platforms. Taking apart the headset is relatively easy and beginners should have no problems.

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How can I stop right side creaking

Is there a quick and easy solution to stopping the right side rotator of the headset from creaking? The persistent creak is near unbearable, yet the left side in silent. Is there anything that I can spray in the joint or something because I'm just about ready to go buy a new headset.

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anyone come with a solution to this problem??



i fixed mine buy getting a set of hyperx core. i will never own turtle beach again


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my XO seven was making a lot of noice in all the movable joints , i used wd 40 to lubricate the joins.

do 1 joint at the time , spray the joint , have a rag or paper towel to whipe of the any spills , move the joint and keep whiping , move on to the next , after all joints are done make shure there is no spills .

this will remove most creaking and noices from the joints.

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You lovely being. I didn't even think of WD40, I used oil first. Which didn't work at all. I bought the Arctis Pro Gamedac a couple of days ago and of course I was pretty !#^&@@ when my 230€ headset started creaking all of a sudden.

WD40 fixed it. I had totally forgotten about having that stuff. Thanks a ton !


Hey Mike, I’m having the same issue with my headset. The hinge that connects the ear muff makes a creaking sound and there’s another lil hinge that is connected so you can rotate the ear muff up and down and the other hinge you can move side to side so they can lay flat if they are resting around your neck. How long did the WD-40 trick last for?. Thanks for the help.


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