How do I stop my 3DSXL from popping (clicking and turning off?)

I was using my 3DS, and all of a sudden, it just turned off randomly. I turned it on again and again, and it would turn off and make a clicking noise if I held it at a certain angle. This is a problem that I've seen some people come across, but I am worried that my 3DS won't work anymore. Is there a way to fix this?

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my #DSXL does the same thing. It looks like the case/ hinge on right side has cracked and may be causing the issue but not sure


I have the same issue with my 3DS XL. It turns on briefly with a solid blue power LED, the bottom screen flashes then I hear a pop from the speakers. The top LCD shows no sign of life.

I have completely disassembled and reseated every ribbon/connecter to ensure there are no loose connections. There is no damage to the 3DS XL yet I continue to have the same problem. I'm trying to find out how to trouble shoot the board/LCD/touchscreen to narrow down which part to replace.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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