The Asus Transformer Book T100TA is a full Windows 8.1 hybrid tablet.

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Cracked screen replacement for T100TA; where and how?

Just cracked the screen on my T100 Asus Tablet and touchscreen is causing havoc. Any guidance available on sourcing replacement screen and repair options?

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Where can I have my digitiser replaced in Cape Town?


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I needed to repair mine and bought the a digitizer on line to repair mine and there is a video one how too replace it on youtube, first you need to figure out if it's just the digitizer or the screen too, if part of the touch screen works the it's the digitizer if it's the screen you wouldn't be able to see anything or the screen would partial viewable.

here is the video on you tube need to decide if you'll want to do it your self.

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Just broke the screen. You can see image but will not work when touching screen

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that youtube video is great. i just used it to replace the screen on my friends asus t100TA. unfortunately now my tablet won't boot up. a white light flashes 4 times when i press the power button and the screen's backlight comes on but theres nothing on the screen. SO if anyone has any direction with that issue, id appreciate it.

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I cracked my screen and I need help to get my screen fixed and where should get my screen fixed?

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