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Released in the early 2010’s, the Ematic eGlide 4 is a tablet computer. It operates on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and features a touch-screen and a variety of ports on the sides.

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Why won't my tablet hold charge?

My tablet won't hold charge or if its full still won't come on unless its actually on charge?

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This is most certainly the battery. Batteries degrade after 300 or so charges, or just time. Below is a guide to replace the motherboard, but it will show you how to open the device and disconnect the battery. You can find a new battery on eBay.

Ematic eGlide 4 Motherboard Replacement

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Ok I'm have in something like that but when mine charge's it takes for ever then when it gets fully charged my power is drank up like it's noting

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